Water Testing - Water analysis: RO Water testing, Waste Water testing, Effluent Water Analysis (ETP water testing) , Sewage Water Analysis (STP water testing), drinking water testing, potable water testing, packaged drinking water testing, Sludge & Waste Water analysis.

    water Analysis/water testing services
    Environmental Analysis/ water testing
    Soil Analysis/ Soil testing Services
    Micro Macro Nutrients analysis
    N,P,K analysis
    Pesticides analysis
    Heavy Metals analysis
    Oil Analysis/ oil testing services

Microbiological Testing :

Sterility testing, Endotoxin testing, Antibiotic assay, Vitamin assay, Microbial limit test, Processed waters, Sea waters / Dairy / Egg / Poultry Products, Raw and finished agricultural products, Bio load studies. Microbiological Parameters in water, Beverages & Water

water Testing ( water analysis services) :

Processed waters and beverages, Raw and finished agricultural products, Marine Products, Poultry Products, Dairy products, Oils and fats,Nutraceuticals, Chemical, physical and biological evaluation of water for safety purpose. Nut and Nut Products, Mutton, Fork, Beef, Chicken, Fish, Spices, Masala Powders, Curry Powder, Egg and Egg Products, Milk and Milk Products, Edible Oil and Fats, Fruits & Vegetables Products, alcoholic & Non Alcoholic beverages, Cereal & Cereal products testing and Analysis of Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Heavy metals, Toxic Elements, Pesticide Residuals, Nutrition Labeling.

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